Live Racing (liveracing) wrote,
Live Racing


Винтажное ню #11, 18+

Оригинал взят у toomth в Винтажное ню #11, 18+
11-й выпуск сборника винтажных и ретро фотографий в жанре ню от самых известных фотографов данного направления. Настоящие ценители этого вида искусства оценят фотографии.

Franco Marocco, 1982
2vintage nude

Giovanni Cozzi, 1996
3vintage nude

Liliana Maresca, 1993
4vintage nude

Peter Gowland, 1955
5vintage nude

Bunny Yeager, 1952
6vintage nude

Mimmo Cattarinich, 1983
7vintage nude

Mimmo Cattarinich, 1983
8vintage nude

Craig Morey, 1996
9vintage nude

Russ Meyer, 1955
10vintage nude

Peter Gowland, 1957
11vintage nude

Carlo Maitto, 1983
12vintage nude

Helmut Newton, 1993
13vintage nude

Craig Morey, 1992
14vintage nude

Christophe Mourthe, 1991
15vintage nude

Helmut Newton, 1993
16vintage nude

Christophe Mourthe, 1991
17vintage nude

Helmut Newton, 1993
18vintage nude

Bunny Yeager, 1959
19vintage nude

Peter Basch, 1952
20vintage nude

Franco Marocco, 1979
21vintage nude

Eugen Durig, 1977
22vintage nude

Bettina Rheims, 1989
23vintage nude

Franco Morocco, 1980
24vintage nude

Peter Basch, 1956
25vintage nude

Bettina Rheims, 1991
26vintage nude

Peter Basch, 1954
27vintage nude

Chiara Samugheo, 1981
28vintage nude

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