Live Racing (liveracing) wrote,
Live Racing

Richard Avedon

Оригинал взят у shattenbereich в Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon and Sophia Loren

Alfred Hitchcock

Andy Warhol, Jay Johnson and Candy Darling

Anjelica Huston

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire

Audrey Hepburn

Barbra Steisand


Bob Dylan

Bon Jovi

Brigitte Bardot

Buster Keaton

Catherine Deneuve

Charlie Chaplin


Chet Baker

Christina Paolozzi

Claude and Paloma Picasso

Coco Chanel


Dolores Guinness

Elizabeth, Princess Of Yugoslavia

Elizabeth Taylor

Francis Bacon

Fred Astaire


Ingrid Bergman

Irving Lazar, Elizabet Taylor and Jack Nicholson, Academy awards

Isabella Rossellini and Guy Maddin

Isabella Rossellini

Janet Susan Mary Hoffman

Janis Joplin

Jean Shrimpton

Judy Garland

Julie Driscoll

Karita Mattila as Salome

Katharine Hepburn

Kristen McMenamy and Nadja Auermann

Lena Horne

Linda Evangelista

Louis Armstrong

Marcel Duchamp

Marcus Schenkenberg and Stephanie Seymour

Maria Callas

Marilyn Monroe

Marlon Brando

Maurizio Cattelan

Maya Plisetskaya

Mel Ferrer and Audrey Hepburn

Members of the factory and Andy Warhol

Nadja Auermann and Kristen McMenamy

Nastassja Kinski

Naty Abascal and twin sister Ana-Maria Abascal with Helio Guerreiro

Nena von Schlebrugge (Uma Thurman's mother)

Oliver Stone

Robert Oppenheimer

Ronald Reagan

Rudolf Nureyev

Sean Penn

Simon and Garfunkel

Sophia Loren

Stephanie Seymour

Steve McQueen and Jean Shrimpton

Suzy Parker and Coco Chanel

The Kennedys

Tilda Swinton

Truman Capote


Veruschka for Vogue

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