Live Racing (liveracing) wrote,
Live Racing

Графика из журнала "Graphis Annual" 57-67.

Оригинал взят у katia_lexx в Графика из журнала "Graphis Annual" 57-67.
Toshio Fukai Illustration.Tourist poster for a river known as the "Japanese Rhine".

Lora Lamm Illustration

acques Auriac Illustration.

Bert Jaeger Illustration.Cover of a calendar for a German charitable organization.

Schwitter AG Ad

Celestino Piatti Illustration.Poster for a milk drink

Roman Ciescewicz Illustration.Polish film poster for "The Notebooks of Major Thompson".

Jean Colin Illustration.Poster for jet service to Africa

Mart Kempers Illustration. Poster mailed at election time to clients of papermakers Proost en Brandt NV.

Siné Illustration.Poster for a French mineral water.

Walter Grieder Illustration.Poster for the Association of Swiss Co-Operative Societies.

René Gruau Illustration.For a manufacturer of raincoats, Germany.

Hugo Wetli Illustration.From a wall calendar for the Swiss National Tourist office.

Ivan Chermayeff Illustration.Poster issued by the Vietnam Moratorium Committee.

Wiktor Gorka Illustration."House Without Windows" Poster for a Polish film.

Jan Lenica Film Poster.Poster for a Polish comedy.

Simone Hell-Bühler Illustration.Poster for the 1967 Swiss Industries Fair.

Donald Brun Illustration.Poster for 50th Swiss Industries Fair.

Celestino Piatti Illustration.Poster for vitamins from Abbot Laboratories

Celestino Piatti Illustration.Poster for a brand of French-flavor cigarettes.

Sashi Takada/Tomito Nishibe Illustration.Poster design for a book.

Kor Illustration.Travel poster for El Al Airlines

Hisami Kunitake Illustration.Tourist poster for the Iki-Tsushima Tourist Association.

Celestino Piatti Illustration.Ad for Zurich printers specializing in color posters.

Milton Glaser Illustration.Illustration from the 1966 annual report of The Ansul Company.

Ota Janacek Illustration.Poster advertising an exhibition of work by Spanish painters of the School of Paris.

Max Bignens Illustration.Scenic design for The Love of the Three Oranges, opera by Serge Prokofieff.

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