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закрепим пройденный материал | часть пятая

Оригинал взят у shattenbereich в закрепим пройденный материал | часть пятая
часть четвертая

Berlin Alexanderplatz by Michael Ruetz, 1973

Andre Kertesz, 1941

Approaching the 98th Meridian by David Plowden, North Dakota, 1968

Arabesque by Rutger Ten Broeke, 1964

Athens by Michael Ruetz, 1968

Bethlehem Steel by David Plowden, Pennsylvania, 1975

Black Eye by Sally Mann, 1991

BoomBox by Peter Anderson, 1980

Bradford Washburn, 1940

Brooklyn Bridge by Alexander Alland, 1938

Calvin Klein Girl by Andreas Feininger, 1981

Car showroom by Philip Jones Griffith, Atlanta, 1971

Charlotte Rampling by Helmut Newton, Saint Tropez, 1967

Crossover by Ruth Bernhard, 1969

Elliott Erwitt, Colorado, 1955

Essence of a Boat by Minor White, Massachusetts, 1967

Flatiron in Summer by Rudy Burckhardt, 1948

Girl with a fruit basket by Georg Oddner, 1955

Harlem Cadillac by Peter Anderson, 1980

Helena Christensen III by Michel Comte, 1993

Isola di Ponza by Luca Campigotto

Linda Rich, Maryland, 1975

Man with canoe on head by Rodney Smith, 1994

Martin Stupich, from the Atlanta Documentary Survey Project, 1969

Nude in sunlight by Max Dupain, 1937

Oceano Dunes by Brett Weston, 1947

Olaf plays with his football beside the Berlin Wall by Gunter Zint, West Berlin, 1960

Palomo Linares by Lucien Clergue, 1967

Pride Street by W. Eugene Smith, 1955

Rocky with Julia by Will McBride, 1972

Shopping mall by David Plowden, 1981

Socialites dancing at Society Benefit ball by Yale Joel, 1951

Southern German landscape by Albrecht Brugger, 1969

Spring Suits by Gordon Parks, 1957

The performer by Dario Mitidieri, North Bombay, 1992

Trafalgar Square by Wolfgang Suschitzky, London, 1953

Vanessa by Jock Sturges, 2002

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