Live Racing (liveracing) wrote,
Live Racing

не прошедшие кастинг | продолжение

Оригинал взят у shattenbereich в не прошедшие кастинг | продолжение

Girl in the Orange Dress by David Drebin, 2009

After Dark by Sam Taylor-Wood, 2008

Alberto Giacometti by Christer Stromholm

APPLE TREE by Aaron Siskind, 1971

Beauty & Beast by Michel Comte, 1996

Coin de la rue Valette et Pantheon, by Eugene Atget, 1925

Dunes, Oceano by Edward Weston, 1936

Flickan med korgen by Georg Oddner, Peru, 1955

G-8 Perdona (English is broken here) by Runo Lagomarsino, 2006

Imagination by Denis Piel, 1982

Jens' hand on Clemens back by Nan Goldin, Paris, 2001

Kate in boots by Mary McCartney, 2004

Lavena, Piazza San Marco by Anders Petersen, 1982

Le Petit Soldat by Helena Blomqvist, 2007

Linda and Christie with Toy Gun, Cannes by Ellen Von Unwerth, 1990

Maubert, Paris byEdouard Boubat, 1952

Maud Bows to Virginia Creeper, Green Cove by Ogle Winston Link, 1950

Mayday, Moscow 1961 by William Klein

Mermaid 10, Weeki Wachee by Michael Dweck, 2007

Michael Dweck

Moldova ballet by Asa Sjostrom, 2005

Nude no 2 by Jan Bengtsson, 1995

Riva San Biagio, by Ralph Nykvist, Venedig, 1982

Slussen, Stockholm by Lennart Olson, 1952

Spineless by Annee Olofsson, 2003

Still lives #3 by Maria Friberg, 2004

Sunshade New Mexico by Denis Piel, 1985

Svardet by Georg Oddner, 1950

The Human Eye by Lennart Nilsson, 1966

The Russian Way by Pentti Sammallahti

Thereza by Mikael Jansson, Malaysia, 1992

Vasterbron III, Stockholm by Lennart Olson, 1954

Washing up in a brothel, rue Quincampoix, Paris by Brassai, 1932

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