Live Racing (liveracing) wrote,
Live Racing

просто так

Оригинал взят у shattenbereich в просто так

Bruce Mclean

David Hurn

Fred Stein, Paris, 1934

Gianni Berengo Gardin, Wall and boat, Venice, 1956

Herbert List, At the beach bar, San Angelo, Island of Ischia, Italy, 1933

Issei SudaSawara, Chiba, Japan, 1973

Jindrich Streit

John Claridge, London, 1962

Josef Koudelka, Greece, 1981

Nikos Economopoulos, During the 1981 election campaign, Greece, 1981

Ralph Gibson, 1987

Robert Capa, Naples, Italy, 1943

Rodrigo Moyo, Mexico City, 1958

Tomasz Lazar

Marc Riboud, China, 1957

Josef Hoflehner, Study 24, Havana, Cuba, 2012

John Gutmann, Sailor Girl Tattoo, 1945

Dimosthenis Kapa

Edward Weston, New York Interior, 1941

Lucien Herve, Housing Unit in Marseille, 1949

William Klein, New York, 1955

Chris Steele-Perkins

Clarence Garret

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